Hydropower plants

EMF first started working in Quebec’s Far North in 1987. We’ve since helped build ten hydropower plants in James Bay and on the North Shore. Our subsidiary Blais & Langlois also specializes in hydroelectric facility construction and has worked on many infrastructure projects in the vast Far North. Our flexible, qualified teams have what it takes to deliver a range of services and innovative solutions in challenging conditions, making us an essential asset on energy megaprojects in remote locations.


  • Power plant excavation
  • Channel excavation
  • Diversion channel excavation
  • Levee/dike construction
  • Dam construction
  • Cofferdam construction
  • Construction of levees/dikes with slurry walls
  • Intake channel construction
  • Outlet channel construction
  • Injection, consolidation and stabilization of rock
  • Shotcrete

Roads and municipal works

Our team has proven expertise on complex roadwork and municipal infrastructure projects for Quebec’s ministry of transport and various municipalities. From simple sidewalks to the most challenging highways, we continue to gain knowledge and expertise in the field.


  • Electrical and gas line conduit burial
  • Sanitary and storm sewer system installation
  • Aqueduct network installation
  • Bridge and culvert installation
  • Paving of federal, provincial, municipal, and city roads
  • Construction and reconstruction of road structures
  • Curb and sidewalk construction
  • Construction of pumping stations
  • Treatment plant facilities
  • Construction of industrial wastewater collection systems
  • Construction of control structures
  • Construction of service buildings

Industrial and mining sites

We’re very proud to be a trusted partner for several Canadian mines and some of the country’s leading industrial sites. Working with mining companies and major industrial groups, we’ve earned a stellar reputation delivering expert solutions in step with the latest advances in civil engineering. 


  • Overburden removal
  • Mineral transport
  • Drainage work
  • Road construction
  • Tailings management facilities
  • Earthwork
  • Bulk excavation
  • Drainage
  • Geomembrane installation
  • Treatment of contaminated soils


We use our in-depth knowledge of civil engineering to execute earthworks across the province. Our success on major projects has positioned both EMF and Blais & Langlois as leaders in the field. It’s all thanks to our qualified workers, who use their knowledge and experience to make sure our work always meets the highest standards. 


  • Road rehabilitation
  • Aggregate crushing and spreading
  • Pulverizing and backfilling
  • Overburden removal
  • Drainage work
  • Bridges and culverts


EMF and Blais & Langlois have acquired various sites and facilities over the years, including several quarries and a plant for turning raw stone into crushed aggregate. With those capabilities, we’re able to produce quality aggregate that’s been tried and tested on the most demanding projects.


  • Blasted rock crushing
  • Concrete rock crushing
  • Pavement rock crushing
  • Aggregate production
  • Raw gravel crushing
  • Crushing for mining operations
  • Soil screening
  • Rock classification
  • Particle size distribution analysis
  • Quality and quantity control

Drilling and blasting

Our drilling and blasting operations have earned us a rock-solid reputation across numerous sectors. Our ability to deliver superior services comes from our in-depth knowledge of civil engineering. We’re committed to meeting the needs of our clients and believe in using the most innovative processes, paired with a highly rigorous approach.


  • Urban blasting
  • Mining operations
  • Pre-shear drilling
  • Production drilling
  • Rock bolting drilling
  • Precutting
  • Pre-shear blasting
  • Production blasting
  • Precision blasting
  • Vibration control

what we do more

Concrete manufacturing

You could say that concrete manufacturing is in our wheelhouse. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve acquired the technical knowledge to manufacture a superior product.

Warehousing, logistics and transshipping

Our facilities are strategically located in the heart of Bécancour’s integrated industrial and port park, SPIPB. In addition to civil engineering, the Bécancour division specializes in bulk material storage, handling, bagging, and transport.